We're not saying it's a spiritual experience...

...but we're not saying that it's not!

Why Choose the good reverend?

Believe kombucha can’t taste great?  We’ll make you a believer!


For millenia monks, priests, gurus, and spiritual guides of all types have recognized the link between body and spirit.  Through much prayer and meditation The Good Reverend has sought to honor the ancients and apply their wisdom to our age.  Out of our humble pursuit to unlock Nature’s life-giving mysteries, we present to you The Good Reverend Kombucha. 

The Good Trailer

The Good Trailer is a 1970 horse trailer that we lovingly converted to a beautiful, photogenic mobile bar.  With its retro chic styling and use of reclaimed building materials, The Good Trailer is the perfect mobile venue for your next event whether it's a wedding, corporate event, private party, or fundraiser we're here to serve you!

We also use The Good Reverend's high quality raw kombucha to make delicious signature recipe cocktails that you and your guests will love.  Please fill out the contact form to receive more info about The Good Trailer and our signature cocktail/mocktail service!



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